September 7th, 2002


(no subject)

I am not: a slut i am not a whore i am not what you think i am
I hurt: myself as much as others
I hate: my past
I fear: my future
I hope: to find my way
I crave: freckled shoulders
I regret: nothing
I cry: when required
I care: when i should
I long: for stability
I feel alone: even when around people
I listen: when told
I hide: my self
I drive: a non-car
I sing: when alone
I dance: for myself
I write: not enough
I breathe: when i have time
I play: while the sun stays down
I miss: you
I search: for meaning
I learn: as much as i can
I feel: left out
I know: why
I say: the truth
I succeed: because i can
I fail: becuase i can't
I dream: of tomorrow
I wonder: about my future
I want: to love
I worry: too much
I have: a light
I give: more than i should