September 24th, 2002


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so my cousin is really a cool guy, kinda quiet, kinda shy, but cool. i was kinda pre-occupied with the james last time i saw him, and we didn't converse as much as usual, but i always enjoy his livejournal entries, his general level-headed ness (and his ability to call me on stuff when i'm being a hypocrite, esp in relation to my views and treatment of members of our family) the below paragraph is part of his most recent LJ entry, and then below is my responce to it, cut and pasted from the comment i posted in responce. i just felt like sharing, igniting a discussion, and welcom and encurage comments to this post. (yes i am a comment whore. SHUSH!) humor me. please. ALL OF YOU! yes YOU, who sorta reads my jouranl and doesn't ever say anything!

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i feel like it ended badly, so i want to talk to him. i see his screename on my buddylist, under the group header labled external and i'm like "shit, i really should have removed that..." but i didn't think of it at the time. i also realize that in some ways, he's in the wrong group.

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