October 5th, 2002


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NPR on the weekends gets a little out there. currently, on npr, the RHPS theame song aka tricksy, is playing. why, you may ask? well they did a story on the completely and total failure of the XFL, and the reporter compaired it to the RHPS (obviousely not in failure but in the style of the entire thing). this of course, made me think of Kaso. once again, why, you ask? well, we all know Kaos's obssession with the WWF, or whatever it's called these days, which is headed by Vince McMan (sp?), who, in the WWF style founded the XFL. Now with Wild Things, and probably also with Anonymous, Kaos liked incorperating WWF style things, entrance music, staged feudes (and real ones) into his vision of the cast. i just found it amusign that NPR was able to make the similar corrilation that our very own little Kaos had made, in the similarities of the two cultures. hmmmm...

on a similar note i'm going to FBC tonight. FUN
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