October 26th, 2002


(no subject)

answer and steal please! (stolen from leukosia

01. When & where did we meet?
02. Have we ever met in person?
03. Have we ever talked on the phone?
04. Have you ever seen me cry?
05. Describe me using three words or less .
06. If you could spend a day with me, what would we do?
07. Have we ever gotten in a fight?
08. Have you ever dreamt of me? If so, tell me about it.
09. If you could give me a present, what would it be?
10. Would you hug me?
11. Would you kiss me?
12. Would you date me?
13. What do you REALLY think of me?
14. Do you trust me?
15. Anything you wanted to tell me but never got a chance to?

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