November 15th, 2002


procrastination is my friend.

my day... it's easier to cut and paste rather than try and re-write it into post form

Friend: How are you doing?
Me: i'm ok
Me: good, almost
Friend: Almost
Me: i have a bunch of work to do, and i don't get to see james this weekend, was stood up today, and me being in rehersals in pointless, but amusing. classes were both good today, beacutiful day out. getting along MUCH better with my SM, the cast doesn't suck, and is small (even better) and i've been seeing alot of this kid nick and he's turning into a real friend. like a REAL friend, not an "um"friend or a friend that will later treat me like scum, but a real friend. so it was a good day, a few things sucked, which is why it was good, almost, or rather almost but not quite good. on a scale of 1-10 i'd give it a 6
Friend: Not bad at all
Me: the beeing stood up thing wouldn't have sucked so much if i hadn't decided not to go home to hang out with this kid, that and he confuses me. it ended up being a chunk of time just long enough for me to not get anythign done in (after waiting aroudn for him for 45 minutes)
Friend: I'm sorry. Thats no good. I hate being stood up
Me: yea, i get to kick his ass though if he doesn't find a time this weekend to work in our re-schedule. or even if he does.

on further thought it may have been better than a 6, but it didn't feel quite warrented of a 7. maybe a 6.6 or so... anyways...

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