December 11th, 2002


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did you ever think of me as
your best friend - did I ever
think of you - I'm not
complaining - I never tried to
feel this vibration - I never
tried to reach your eden - did
I ever think of you as my
enemy - did you ever think of
me? - I'm complaining
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lately i've found myself REALLY happy for people i care about. i mean, REALLY happy. and because i've been cynical in the past, i am currently doubting if they belive, or even percieve, that i'm being sincere.

when my life sucks other's goes well. this makes me happy. it makes mine suck less

in other news, nea did a nice reading for me last night. i wouldn't call it good, not 'cause of her ablitiy, but cause i forget how much i already know the stuff that readings are going to tell me. though it DID help. shawn and statik were in the reading, which, of course, made me miss them, emotionally. however, the cards representing them were paired with, what was described, as "the card that embodies all things sketchy" it was like, "they have been plauging your head lately, but you did what was right. good for you." there was stuff about change in the physical world, and how that was going to help me out alot (ya think?) and also about my creative outlets being stiffled (once again, ya think?) and there was a slight mention of an "earthy boy" in my life, and, with a few cards of clarification needed, that this boy was, not holding me back, but there was an imbalanced amount of importance of emphesis placed upon him. though, there was the thought, that once the other stuff fell in line, that would fade, not the boy, but the umbalanced importance. this was all said without knowing what specifically it was in referance too. i did talk about it some, but i really didn't need to, it was all laid out right in front of there for me to see. and you know what, it didn't look as bad as i've been feeling. thank you nea. i should add you to my friends list. and i need to spend more time over there.


and on one more completely tangantical note, and i'm seriouse, if i tell something to you in confidence i expect it to stay there, especially if you expect the same of me. i don't care how wonderful the person is that you break that confidence too. it kinda pissed me off. and yes there was something specific that sparked this feeling, but i've said it before and i'll say it again, so if you are in doubt if this pertains to you, if it doesn't now, it probably has and might again so just keep it in mind, i'm not particularly happy when this happens...
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made a new Friends Quiz it shouldn't be nearly as hard as the last ones, Katie FL, you really need to go take this, i'm sure you will get lots of amusement out of it. actually, anyone who likes Star Trek will.


***** added****** the answer to question 10 is D. it was supposed to be a n arrow, with carrot and hyphons, like so "<---------------" but the bloody thing fucked it up, and won't let me edit it now. :-/
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