December 16th, 2002


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so alan's friend cole IMed me out of the blue.....

cbart7: Hi, Kris, my name is Cole, you've met me a couple times, i'm one of Alan's goofy friends, you know Alan, your boyfriend Alan, long blond hair, goes to Swarthmore, well i hope you remember him, i jsut have a quick question because i know you're all smart and what not. I'm trying to write a paper, but i have some horrible writers block right now, how would you suggest over coming this affliction?
Nchanter X: lol
Nchanter X: yes i rember you, and alan
cbart7: ok, good
cbart7: i was scared
Nchanter X: lol
cbart7: but this writers block is killing me
cbart7: and it's 1:36
Nchanter X: i understand
cbart7: and this is due it 11 tomorrow
Nchanter X: hmmm
cbart7: and i dunno what to do
Nchanter X: what's it on
Nchanter X: ?
cbart7: because i keep looking over at my bed
cbart7: and it looks soo nice
Nchanter X: lol
cbart7: it's a reflective essay about my own writing
Nchanter X: hmmmmmmmmmmm..........
cbart7: and i can't even write about my own writing, it's horrible
Nchanter X: you have an lj, right?
cbart7: i did, for like a day
cbart7: hahaha
cbart7: then i got really busy
cbart7: and quit
cbart7: haha
Nchanter X: well, if you ever wrote in it, go back and re-read what you wrote. granted it's a differnt sort of writing, but looking back over it might give you soem perspective that you hadn't been considering
cbart7: wow
cbart7: that's awesome
cbart7: great advice
cbart7: i knew you were all really smart

and that made my day....
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i just had to take a few people off my friends list because they apparently are a liability. if you want to be re-added in a few weeks when this all blows over, just don't delet me as a friend, and you will be added back. and if you then choose to look through back entries and such and drudge this up again, so be it.

i said i would not ever do this, but this journal is going into default friends-only for a while.

if i can't write what i want in a locked post at 3 am while DRUNK, then there are issues.

-- kris aka nchanter aka the nchanted one aka malak aka optics

if you are NOT on my friends list, and would like to be, please weave me a patition below, and it will be brought up for review.
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