January 7th, 2003


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change is good. as long as i tell myself that i will beable to do this move thing. change is good. change is good. change is good.

my evening was absolutely splendid, and i'm now not sure why i didn't do that earlier, but now that i have it shall happen more often.

i started moving stuff in already, not alot, but some. i started.

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last night, while looking out a window at the old hacock building, he noticed it was flashing blue at the top. neither of us could quite rember what it meaned. after a minute or two infront of a computer, we finally found the poem...

Steady blue - clear view
Flashing blue - clouds due
Steady red - rain ahead
Flashing red - snow instead.

and an addendum

If you happen to see flashing red lights during baseball season, don't dig out your boots. Red Sox fans know that flashing red means that the game at Fenway is canceled.

i have been trying to rember the poem for MONTHS now. esp. when trying to explain the significance to emerson freshman. i now feel fully accomplished
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