January 26th, 2003


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so there is a play i'm ASM (assistant stage managing) that runs feb 8-11 in the loft theatre at 69 brimmer, at emerson college. its call finding the sun and people really should come and see it. by people i mean james is required to, and sam and vivy really should decided to go togeather. it's actually a really good show, and you can get tickets on ticket web. i'm even linking you to the SPECIFIC page on ticket web so the whole deal is easier for you. i was going to try and buy tickets for people, but then i realized i'm not on that side of campus during the hours the box office is open... and it's cold out. so either follow the link here or call the box office at 617 824 8369. the tickets are $5 a piece, and yes i get comps, but i'm not sure how many and i already promised one to james. any questions? you know how to get ahold of me. oh! make sure your buying a ticket for FINDING THE SUN and not AMERICAN VOICES. that would suck for you. i mean, it might be a good show, i don't know, last i checked it hadn't been written yet.

hey krissy, what's finding the sun about?
good question. the site says Edward Albee combines sexual and intergenerational themes when the lives of 3 couples and a mother and son collide on the beach. i would say it's about relationships and life, and death too. not always getting what you bargined for. there is also a really cute gay boy walking around in a bathing suit on stage. and some cute girls in bikini's, so um, why do you CARE what it's about? though let me just say this. i really liked the script the first 20 times i read it. i still kinda do. rehersals have been interesting to watch, and most of the actors kick ass. plus i've been putting alot of time into this, and it's why i haven't been able to see most of anyone lately, so um yea. i'll stop now.

oh, one more thing. the closest T stop is arlington street on the GREEN line. you can also walk from PARK STREET on the red and green lines, but it's cold out so i would transfer lines. oh, and here's a map of where it is.

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Map of
69 Brimmer St
Boston, MA 02108-3322

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so i'm watching sex and the city while folding clothes and carry plop down on her bed, which is adorned with a red blanket and a blue-ish comforter. the bluish comforter has bamboo-type leaves. and darker blue flowers. and is kind of a blue gray blue. in other words it's a calvin klein purchasable from bloomingdales, and this summer it was on sale for around $300. in more other words, i own it. i just thought that was cool. esp that i had never noticed it before. my sister sometimes dresses like carry bradshaw (played by sarah jessica parket) and from behind sometimes LOOKS like a little carry bradshaw, and apparently i have the same taste in decor as her. somehow, i think this rocks.
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