January 31st, 2003


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i go to manray tonight! and i'm not going to back out and be all too tired to. i've been getting a decent amount of sleep (8 hours a night) which is surprising considering all the rehersals and stuff. have class from 1-3:45 today (two classes, not one, thank GODDESS) then over to harvard at 7 to watch signs with james and a bunch of lowell house people. he never saw it in theatres. then to manray, for ooze. then spending the night with james... :-). saturday, doing stuff around the apartment, like cleaning out the fridge of leftovers that will make me sick (don't ask) and possibly a bit of grocery shopping, but most likely not. hopefully laundry, and finally calling dell and throwing a hissy fit about the fact that my computer doesn't work (crying over the phone to silly tech support boys will get you everywhere. unless you know what your talking about. which i do. never mind, no hissy fit). then over to pink stucco at like 4 or 5 to help celeste move her bed over from cynthia's. then at 6 celest's birthday party. then sometime between 10-12 over to the BFA party at seth and jason's house, they live over by symphony. i need to procure substances before that, and i'm not sure yet which substances i'm going to procure... but i will definately be utilizing the usefullness of james being over 21, or frommy, whichever i have the time with to do such stuff (it will not take celeste and i two hours to move her bed). sunday from 1-5 i have rehersal, and then going to go see "Chicago" with katie FL (vs katie chew, who i was going to help dye her hair before i was reminded of celeste's birthday thing) and then, starting monday, i'm into tech week.

sound buissy? it is. thank goddess i've been getting up between nine and ten most days and not having class until noon or one. and for only having one class on tuesdays, otherwise, i woud get NOTIHNG done.

oh, as a side not, i've decided, after 5 years, that i am finally not-bitter enough to aknowledge valentines day. ok, that's a lie, it's just an excuse to rope james to spending lots more time with me than we have been able to. originally, i was planning on going down to swathmore that weekend. *oh well* not that i mind not making that drive mid february. i'll make it in march or something instead. or sometime. and in march or april or something i'm going to go down to NYC to visit a few people (meaning two that i can think of) and chris is right, my life is WAY too scheduled. i need to stop that.

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