February 1st, 2003


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manray was... interesting. having two currents there at the same time.... yummy. except a bit akward. though not all that bad. what was weird was siren was there, and actively avoiding me. according to a mutual friend she was sitting their glaring at me, and had nothing better to do. i don't even think she danced at all. so obviousely i was going to make her as miserable as possible, by trying to be nice to her. she just hid behind kyle. kyle who she called the scum of the earth a few months ago. though who am i to critisize anyone for being a hypocrite. well that kinda ruined my night. well, i mean, i still had fun, but it drained me. that and she clutched to karla the rest of the night, so i couldn't even get another dance from karla. oh well. but i liked being there. i should go more often. after this play, i think i'm going to start going to goth night atleast once a month. dancing = good exersize.

ummm.... yea....

at pink stucco right now. we're supposed to be at chuck e cheese's. we will be soon. then off to the BFA party later. yea.. i obtained... substances. it's silly. i don't know why i want to impress these kids. i just... they are senoir BFA kids. i mean, yea, they are mostly actors, but they are still BFA kids.

ok, i'm going to stop being quite so rude now.

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