February 6th, 2003


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the shit people don't know is on their computer. they just let stupid boys that they fuck put anything on... and eric use to wonder why i was so protective of luci, and then lelu (my first two laptops. shit! i need to think of a name for the new one.) watching him over his shoulder when he fixed things. not that he was stupid enough to get spywear on there... or things that took over my computer... or such... but other people are.

if you ever are using a computer of mine and want to add a program, or dl a file, or anything ASK first, or thou shall be shot. also, if anyone EVER is the reason my computer has a virus, you will be summarily shot, and dishonerably thrown into the charles.

that is all.

oh wait... suggestions for a name for the new laptop would be greatly appreciated in my comments. then i will create a LJ poll from the best few

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