February 26th, 2003


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i love my james. henri is cool too. we hung out with him last night, the three of us went to dinner, and it made me very happy. i'm not quite sure why, but it did. hung out with my nick today. he neglected to tell me he had to go to a rehersal at 7... thwarted my plans to come home and cook. so i took him to tampopo at the porter exchange. he had to ask about the bits of tofu in the miso soup. it's weird to me when people don't get asian food. but their tempura... SOOOO good, as always. i am in love with that place. went home after that 'cause my head started hurting again. god damn constant headaches. dr is having me switch from advil. she wants me to take alieve, esp since i can't take excedrine. BLARG.

umm... lost my train of thought.

oh! got thin mints today! there were girlscouts selling cookies at the porter T-stop. i got two boxes, nick spent his last $5 on the T-token back to school and a box of thin mints. (they are $4 a box, i rember when they were $2.50)

ummmm.... yea.... sleep....
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