February 27th, 2003


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i wrote this as a reply to a post in primalucem's journal.

the subject line i am replying to is once a catholic, always a catholic

i'm just going to reply to the subjcet line, not the actual entry. well, though honestly, that dream didn't seem to weird to me. but that's 'cause i've HAD dinner with the head of the church i was baptized into. He didn't rember my father when he ran into him in burlington, (mass) but when my father told him who's son-in-law he was, he asked about his two beautiful daughters, Kristen and Kimberly. My Maternal Grandmother's side of the family is very steeped in church politicts (oh, i should say, the church i'm talking about is Antiochian (as in antioch, syria) Orthodox) because her father (my great grandfather) came over to the new world to help establish the Antiochian Orthodox Church in America (since then we have broken off and are a seperate Church from the one in syria, 'cause it's easier politically and financially if you are not connected to someone over the ocean) and was an Arch Priest. His Brother (my great great uncle) was actually the head of the church, before he decided to get married at the age of like 60 and was excommunicated. (in the orthodox church you can only be married before you are ordained as a priest. and if you are married you can never be a bishop, only as a high as an arch priest) My Grandmother's Brother (my great uncle) is trying to make his uncle who was excommunicated a saint now, and my grandmother says "yes, the rules of the church are archaic, but he was a louse otherwise, and a mooch, and he sure as hell was no saint i don't care if he was head of the church or not!"

wow, i typed alot. actually, i think i'll end up posting this.

the point being, yea, you can take the church out of the girl, but you can't take the girl out of the church. and yes i did that backwords on purpose. i rember people in the church saying, after i had been confirmed episcipalian (another long story) that the orthodox church still saw me as orthodox (esp since they don't do confirmations, or affermations for that matter) and i could come back any time i wanted, and i would be welcome. or wait, that wasn't at my church, that was at my cousin's wedding, about 6 months before he was ordained. he's my like, 3rd cousin once removed, being the son of my grandmother's cousin. like i said, my family is steeped, or rather, intertwined in church politicts. when my great aunt died, the head of the church sent regrets that he couldn't be there, but had my cousin (the one just mentioned, who is by far his "star priest" oh, he helped perform the marrige ceremony too, and all these people were like "well i didn't know that the head of the church every performed weddin ceremonys" and he was like "well i never got one so i have to give them" very funny guy.) read something he had wrote in memory of her. or something. i don't quite rember all of that.

ok, i'm done now, really i am
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