March 22nd, 2003


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talked with alan tonight on the way to pink stucco. been trying to get ahold of him for a few days now. such a good talk. streightened a few things out... or rather, made them known. nothing really to streighten. told him about the girl ::grin:: and he was happy for me (yea!), not that there wouldn't be any reason why he wouldn't be. talked to him about my reservations, my thoughts, etc. it was good to know that i was on.. i dunno, just that... it was good to have him to bounce ideas around on. and to talk about things. alan is good. i am so glad that he is in my life. and i'm really finally like "yea, breaking up was the right thing to do" doesn't mean i don't miss being his girlfriend, but that's different than still wanting to be his girlfriend, which i don't anymore. but i do miss wanting to be his girlfriend. if that makes sense...

back to pink stucco again tomorrow. and i was supposed to have LEX people over to watch OZ on sunday, but never called anyone, and there is so much other stuff i need to do that i think i will take it for myself since i decided to go and chill with crazy occultists again tomorrow. but i had my astral chart read and... well... i'm not crazy. well, i mean, i AM, but a few things that were said were like "yea, ok, i'm not off about this and that in my life" i just need to DO now. which, you know, is kinda hard sometimes.

i said i was going to be an hour ago. and two hours ago. i don't know what happened....

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