March 24th, 2003


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need to get ahold of a certain best friend before i make plans for the rest of the week, including the kidnapping of the girl... (refraining from calling her my girlfriend until i've known her a little longer... and... you know... talked to her about it...a nd other things) i still haven't said it's definate, 'cause of my NEED to see the gwen. ::sigh:: and didn't think to dig out her house number until a bit late tonight (like an hour or so ago) because i am silly. blah! GWEN IF YOU READ THIS CALL ME! NOW!!!


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i made icons for my sister for her journal. she hasn't even asked me, but it was fun. i like making icons. katie (chew), i know i need to make some for you, i just keep on forgetting to shoot you! Collapse )
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when everything seems to fall into place, that's when one of the corner stones is going to crack because of an old pick-ax from the past...

and the whole thing is going to come crashing down.

and she feels helpless to stop it.

but in a moment of revelation, a light amongst all the black, one realizes that she's been doing this all wrong. she's been playing by their rules. maybe she should start playing by her own.

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