March 28th, 2003


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note to self.... holding in any feeling, as rediculouse as it may seem, will just make it swell, and is silly.

must keep brutally honest at all times at all costs.


i finally named my computer... and dude am i so goth!

so in setting my alarm last night for really early today at really late last night (read doing it while half-asleep) i managed to push my clock forward, oh, 4 hours forward, and set my alarm 12 hours off (for pm instead of am) well, i wake, up, look at my clock, THOUGHT i had missed the meeting with the teacher which was half the reason i had set it so early, and almost missed one of my classes. after popping off the e-mail to the teacher i looked at my computer clock and i was like "oh my, what happened here, it says 8:15, that can't be right. i was still groggy enough to not be able to read the wall clock in my room accurately, (it's not completely round and there are no numbers or markers of any kind. there is also no correct way to hang it, it's really cool and abstract like that... and BLUE) so i reached half way across my room (yes i can do that from my bed, the room is small enough) to grab my cell phone and look at it's clock which is kept set by the cell phone company. and lo and behold it (approximately) agrees with the one on my computer! (i'm sorry oh great saron for doubting your powers; yes my computer's name is saron, you have a problem with that?) so of course i have to pop off a quick e-mail back to eric (my teacher) about that whole thing, making myself look very silly in the process i'm SURE.


oh, another thing that should have tipped me off, before i realized i was wrong, i checked my friends page, and kyrene hadn't posted yet this morning (i had hit re-load a couple of times to make sure i was actually getting my most current version of my friends page) which seemed off 'cause she usually posts by or around 9 am. (kyrene's posts as a measure of time.... that can't be a good thing....)

ok, off to finish off some work and plead to still have the possibility of getting a C in my languages of the stage class..... augh..... if i had a sell-able soul i would offer to sell it. i am NOT going to offer sex for my grade i am NOT going to offer sex for my grade i am NOT going to offer sex for my grade.

even though he is kinda cute... if not married and in his thirties and became a teacher 'cause he was an out of work actor....

ok, i don't fuck out of work actors. good. got that out of my system ::evil grin::

one more time...

i am NOT going to fuck for my grade.

oh and sorry to anyone who couldn't view the pics of kat and i in my last journal entry. try again today. my image server is bitchy and has bandwidth usage limits.... which is why they are behind a LJ cut, that re-set themselves at 5 am. if you still have problems later, IM me.
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met gwen's boyfriend.... he bought a pipe in levit and pierce.... sillyness... am really really tired. going up to maine tomorrow to see my iris, need to do that, muchly.

so so tired......


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