April 18th, 2003


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so i have tow extra tickets to see the capital steps at harvard tomorrow night.

they were free.

i (think) i am going, i have three in all. at 8. in the sanders theatre at harvard.

the story:

so like, 20 minutes ago i get a call from a 703 number i didn't recognize. it's a neighboor from home. nancy doliver. she has a doughter my sister's age and a son a bit younger. she's an actress. she performs for the capital steps. she's GOOD. we use to joke that i was really her doughter, and kira, her eldest, was really my mothers, when we were little.

so yea

oh, the capital steps. musical theater political satire. origianly started by former congressional aids. the last time i saw them was during the clinton era and the monica scandle. nancy played monica. it was hillariouse.

let me know if your interested. i'm going to ask james when he gets out of class (though he may have too much work) but there are three tickets total. mostly done on a first come first serve basis. :-)

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