April 24th, 2003


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vic told me he loved me tonight. i told him never to say that to me ever again. then he tried to tell me he just meant it platonically. i told him he was full of shit, and went into all the reasons why (being able to read someone's thought process has it's advantages, you can get them to shut the fuck up) and said "well, i usually belive in a first time for everything, but not this" and told him i didn't want to hear it and if i heard it again then i wasn't even going to pretend to make a stab in being friend with him. this was lovely.

on a completely un-but-really-is-related note... i miss flirting with kat. i miss dreaming about her. i'm not dissatisfied with james, don't get me wrong, but even her LJ picture makes me catch my breath a little. and i don't know what to say to her, to talk about, when i IM her, so i just don't. i dunno. girls are silly. silly-er than boyz. they make me crazy, crazy-er than boys do.

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