May 17th, 2003



i don't ever sleep, but i can fall asleep at the weirdest times...

ok, for those who haven't ever been to the palladium...

on the edges of the Pit, there are wall-type-things that have ledges that just out, sorta at barcounter hight, that often people sit on. i was getting VERY tired around 11 when nevermore came on, so i hopped up on a clear part of counter, which is about 12-18 wide, and had my back against a fau column looking away from the stage, and my feet were also up, and i napped. about 15 feet from the stage and speakers that made it hard to hear, at a METAL show, i napped. for maybe half and hour. and didn't fall off. but i napped during nevermore (80's hair-band style metal). which is the ONLY way i was able to be on the floor for Opeth. the set was pritty much the same as the one from the last show, but it was good. towards the end of the set, james and i went up to the balcony, 'cause it was OPEN (it's NEVER open) and the balcony level is huge and at a desterbing rake and half the seats are broken. but it was nice seeing them from up there. sam stayed on the floor, and got caught in the huge ass pit that broke out for deamon of the fall, which was their one and only oncore song. i think the palladium wouldn't let them do more oncores. oh well. as it was we got out at 1:45. we got htere at 4. you do the math. that's why i napped during nevermore.

lacuna coil went on at 8, and only got a half-hour set slot. but it was an AMAZING half hour set. BRIAN go see them when they come down there. TRUST ME. they did one of their songs in ITALIAN. :-) and OMG is the female singer HOT. *drools* i am now a proud owner of a lacuna coil babydoll T-shirt. there's a flower on it (a la the new album)

yea, i liked metalfest.

i also like food. hmmm... foood... foood would be good.
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