May 21st, 2003


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i feel like i should write something, but i have nothing to write

there are people i need to see, but honestly, unless you are leaving too (katie chew) james takes precident. this doesn't mean i won't see anyone, it just means i might not call you to hang out until after mid june. bank on july though, my june is going to be fucking nutz.

i'm going crazy. i need to finish moving. like NOW.

think i figured out what i want to do next year, i just need to tell my parents now.

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and on a completely different note, i e-mailed my rents about school finally.

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so yea, that's that. fun.


and mommy just e-mailed me back

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so scared of said "other issues" they translate to taxes, car insurance, medical insurance, money. if we have so much of it, why can't i take time to figure out what i want to do intead of wasting another 30,000 on a year of school?

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my parents were really supportive. we talked. no one yelled. i started to feel myself getting huffy and i stopped. i didn't cry either. rock. rock hardcore.

and now alan's coming over to watch movies. score.
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