June 20th, 2003

8th Mod

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8 LJ comments in my inbox this morning.

dooom. well kinda dooom. you play devil's advocat and people get pissed off at what you say, i should have expected it. *sighs* oh well. it's fun.

off to work now. someone will probably tell martha if i don't show up this morning. like the parent who's coming in to pick something up. shit, i should probably look respectable then. nah. i'll show my belly. i don't care. (i found a really cool belly-showing hippy styled green shirt in my closet at home. it's something i expect to see gwen in. i'm wearing it today, since i won't beable to wear it to work starting like, tuesday. oh yea, list of things to do this weekend. laundry, sorting through all my clothes, and then next week, ineed to do shopping. where is katie chew when i need her? oh yea, London...)

oh, and for anyone who didn't know, gwen is pure evil, and i am the princess of darkness.
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8th Mod


death. death to my job. death to the F*cking database not working right

death to kids who don't come for the whole program

death to me when i have to explain this to the teachers

death to the files that aren't out that i have to enter into the infernal database (it's new official name)

death to data entry

death to the idea that I decided we should have done attendance that way last summer, it wasn't my idea, i thought it was stupid. i just did what i was told.

death to people at this fucking place that like to treat me like a student

death to the notion that microsoft has implamented in our heads that if something is wrong, all you need to do, is re-boot IT SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN BROKEN IN THE FIRST PLACE

death to the fact that i use so many windows-only programs

half-death to XP. it's better than the sh*t that came before it.

death to not having enough information for a kid to ENTER them in the database

death to the idea that i had to fly back early from virginia to come in to work today, and then my boss isn't even here, so i'm left wondering about things

death to a lack of organization

death to a lack of communication

death to the fact that james isn't here to bitch about all this too... he knows how much these things PISS ME OFF. i think y'all are getting the idea

death death death death death

oh, and death to kids and their parents who CAN'T MAKE UP THEIR F*CKING MINDS!!!!

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