June 23rd, 2003


a numbered list, in arabic numerals. stop the pretentiousness!!!!!!!!

a few random thoughts for this morning... 'cause i don't want to write about my dream last night... it was... upsetting

1 - i am sick of this protest on arabic numerals, really people, that is horribly pretentious, unless you are actually jewish yourself, then it isn't pretentious, it's just silly. however, i'm surprised shrub the president hasn't suggested the same thing. but seriousely, that's a horribly anti-arab thing your doing, and most of us are kinda nice. yea, i'm arab american, yea, i'm more american than arab, but my cousins look the part more than i do, even if we are christian. but american bigots don't take the time to stop and ask, if they see someone they thinks look middle eastern, if they are christian or muslim. actually, it might be worse if they did.

2 - on that note, when i was at home, for my sisters graduation party (my mom is like, me she doens't like going to alot of big partys, but she likes hosting them *cough cough* RSVP *cough cough*) some of the neighboorhood kids (read ages 9-12) were playing mario cart on kim's N64, and one of them said the other was "so french" when the other lost. this happened a couple of times. "french" as in, i guess, a frenchman, is officially a bad word now. thank you president monkey sockpuppet shrub.

3 - goddess, please give me the grace to accept my faults and be tolerant of my self as others are, esp people like martha. when i over sleep 3 hours, i need to realize that i wasn't being maliciouse or neglectant of my job, i was being cold and tired. and give me the strength to start to put my sleep cycle back on track, i can't let it happen again.

4 - i'll probably write out the dream during my dinner break. it's starting to bother me lots. and it's not that i don't know what to make of it, it's that i think i know all too well what it means. or what it signifies. godess also give me the sight to realize and clarity of head to rember that the things i dream aren't set in stone anymore, that you alieviated that burden from me when they pumped me full of druggs. and goddess, please don't choose to put that burden upon me again, for surely, i fear that i will crack all the same.


hmmm... the more csw people i talk to, the less that can actually show up. this might become a casual gathering of all sorts of people, but i need to confer with gwen first. oh, and csw people, if you want to/are planning on coming RSVP!!!!!!!!!!