June 29th, 2003


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party went well. well, the non-party.

*krissy has idea for doing a movie night once-a-month or so, like that one.... she loves entertaining.*

was a good reminder that i already have good friends, some of whom i don't get to see very often, and some of whom i need to get to know better. but it made me realize that i really don't need to put up with all this BS drama. at all. :-)
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    moloko -- the flip side

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reading through things i really shouldn't have been reading. should clean while waiting for kids to wake up.

goddess above i wish i hadn't run. faced with the same situation now, i know i am strong enough to not run. it's funny, i ran because i wasn't strong enough, but what happened because i ran makes me now strong enough to stay. i thought i was being strong by running... goddess i'm glad i've gotten the victim mentality out of my head