June 30th, 2003

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also, i need to echo kyrene. i have no plans for the 4th. some of my friends are going away. i need something to do, preferably something 4th ish. it's weird, haveing grown up in/near DC, how un-patriotic every other city seems comparitavly on the 4th. it's not that i'm patriotic, i use to show up on military bases for fourth fairs clad in black (with a bit of red) to my mother's chegrin, but, i dunno, the 4th is silly, and well, it's the only day i really feel right feeling patriotic. i mean, i enjoy all these freedoms, i probably shouldn't be a bitchy domestic ex-patriot ONE day of the year. plus, who wouldn't want to celebrate rich white guys who don't want to pay their taxes?? wait, doh!

gwen, are you doing anything? steve? anyone???

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