July 13th, 2003


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i've always known the difference between loving someone and being in love with someone, i had thought.

now, i really think i know it. :-)

I never want to be in love with anyone else ever again. Being in love with james is magical, even when he's far away...

but it's fun loving other people in the mean time ;-)
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where is my copy of dummy? where is my copy of eat at whitey's? where is my copy of under the pink? no, these are not cd's i listen to constantly, but sometimes you just need to hear yes, anastasia, and when it's not there, </i>little earthquakes</i> won't quite do, but will have to suffice.

give me life, give me pain, give me myself again.

and the hip-hop blasting from the rice-mobiles outside my window don't help. at all.

on the up-side, i bought fabric for sam's duvet/quilt today. :-) lots of prittyness. gwen helped me. :-)
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    Tori Amos -- Little Earthquakes