July 15th, 2003

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Poll #157010 Another Hair Poll

Should i cut my hair?

No! What are you thinking
Yes, to the middle of your neck
Yes, to below your ears, and all curly and cute and stuff
Yes, shave it ALL OFF!
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i got a date for monday.

well, it's not a date per-say. it's me hanging out. with a boy. who i've liked for a while. who there was almost a something with back around the time i wasn't dating kat. but then it didn't happen 'cause the girl he'd been sleeping with all semester wanted a relationship. she just happened to be a lesbian. it kinda didn't work out between them (streight guy and a lesbian.... hmmm....) and i ran into him on the commons with siren yesterday. well, he told me to call him today, and i did, and we are hanging out on monday. we are haning out monday 'cause that's the day shakespear on the commons is dark, and he's a spot op and lighting tec :-) yes i know him from emerson, how can you tell?

*bounce bounce bounce*

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