July 27th, 2003


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i did wisky shots last night. granted it was part of shotglass chess. we played 3 on 3, so i got 4 shots (ok, only 3, but we captured their queen on my turn to drink) made up with frommy. it was kinda fun being around him. ran from the cops setting off fireworks in the park off of moody st. it was me, frommy, peet, eric, celeste and lucky. we later learned that the cops weren't there for us. talked to lucky a lot. somehow he missed the fact that i am poly ???!!!!! ummm... yea, perceptive one is he.

ok, mom's in town, i should go grab her from the hotel now.

i'm not hung over, i just have a wicked headache. :-P

can you be hungover if you were sober before you went to sleep last night?


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mom took me shopping. more on that later...

i like getting along with her, and talking about things like being drunk from shotglass chess.

now if i thought i could be open with her about all the poly stuff...
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