August 4th, 2003


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this weekend has been amazing. i'm sorry to crump party people, i scheduled something else for today, and when i realized i had double scheduled (this morning) and was trying to figure out what to do, i realized i couldn't handle more groups of people, i was groups of people out-ed. i feel really bad, would have liked to see everyone, but yea, sorry.

got to hang out with katie today though. much in need of that. somehow, i napped through alot of it... i was tired, no reason why, really. nothing to do with boys in my bed. anyways... nick then came over, the three of us than drove around for a while. come back here, i talked with dave for a while about sex and magic mostly. it was great. i love living with dave, when he's actually around. yes i perfer it when my roomie is here, vs not. yes i'm crazy

tonight i'm sleeping by myself. probably why i'm up at 230 am. i don't like having to do that. :-/

oh goddess, do i love my life though. oh, and small worlds....

cos: I was talking to rek today, and she traced out a line of people-connections, so I traced one out in return, and came up with this amusing fact:
cos: well, let me trace the chain for you, briefly
cos: I dated Betsy in 1998. she graduated CSW, and went to Oberlin, where I visited her, in the beginning of the fall semester
cos: there I met some people, including a freshman named Kevin, who started dating Betsy shortly after
cos: Kevin (like Betsy) dropped out of Oberlin eventually, but we stayed friends
cos: last year, he went on a trip to Oberlin to visit some friends of his who had stayed there, and rek was living with them
cos: he decided rek needed to meet me, so he sent her to my irc channel
cos: she was going to move to boston, so she came to stay with me and look for housing
cos: she arrived on a Tuesday while I was at work, so I told her to go to Diesel and hang out with poly folk and I'd go meet her there when I got off work
cos: at Diesel, she met Darxus
cos: and thanks to that, you met Darxus
cos: who brought you to Mattison's party
cos: hence, it is because of Betsy, my CSW alumna ex-gf, that I met you :)
cos: even though you just barely missed meeting her, five years ago
nchanter: that is wonderful
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can i just say, thank the goddess for the gelfling otherwise i'd let my up-brining get to me.

and also, it's really hard watching someone you really care about doing something potentially harmful and see yourself being labled as vindictive or a psycho ex-grilfriend, neither of which i actually am.