August 5th, 2003


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had a really amazing date, will update on it tomorrow 'cause now i'm in a bad mood 'cause someone i thought i was very close to obviousely doesn't trust me. and this is making me sad and upset, and wanting to give up on being their for them, esp when i end up being right about this thing.


i also over reacted to something with darxus earlier, i should appologize probably via phone tomorrow. my own defensiveness and uncertainty about certain things getting the better of me

talked with james for 45 minutes, made sure things are ok. things are better than i thought they would be. i need to rember that he's a lot more chill than i sometimes give him credit for.

now to go grab steve, we need cuddle and talk time

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ok, before steve gets here i really should write about my date yesterday, or my day today.

today--i watched about 8 episodes of sex and the city. i know i know, i'm pathetic, but that puts me to the end of season 3, and the end of season 3 was/is SO uplifting. and watching sex and the city made me realize something about my date last night. i went out on a date. like a storybook sex and the city date. i dressed up (funky styled tank top, skirt that poofs out a little, fishnets, sneakers, all black, and my leopard print purse) met up with him, i choose the restaurant, he paid, we talked, we laughed, he told me i was beautiful, we walked by the river, sat by the fountain at the JFK park (sadly, it wasn't on) and said that we'd love to do it again sometime (ok, we scheduled the next date already, friday) and i didn't ask him to come home with me (but boy did i want to, i even told him i was maintaining a certain level of first date restraint). it was like a real adult date. when walking by the river back towards the square so i could catch my bus, i had my arm wrapped around him, i looked up (he's a few inches taller than me) and said "so this was like a date, hugh?" and he was like "yep" and i was like "well, i know, but i was referring to it as a 'date questionmark' 'cause i wasn't quite sure" and he then said "yea, as i was leaving i told my roommate i was going out on what i think is a date, and that i'd be home later" so then we decided we should have another date. he asked about thursday, but as i have two sets of plans (coffee with shane at 3 and hanging out with alan and possibly gwen at 6) i said that i was booked but i had friday open (i had been specifically keeping friday free, possibly for seeing someone female maybe, like gwen) but the next free day i would then have would be like sunday or monday, and i really like him (and any skeptics who thought age might be a problem i think it's something that we are aware of but it isn't a problem) and i HAD been keeping it open so i figured that not much better of an offer would come along so... i have another date friday.

can we tell kris is giddy?

*bounce bounce bounce bounce*

someone else asked me about a date sometime, and i turned them down, not 'cause i don't think they are cool, not at all, but 'cause, well, i got 4 on my plate now (to re-cap, james, steve, brian and darxus) and i usually can't handle more than 3. hell, james being gone is the only reason i can handle 4. and when steve goes back to school i don't think i'm going to re-open that slot. while i may have thrown my age restrictions out the window, i am not going to throw out the ones about number of people i am involved with. i mean, i do want to keep my friends around and all. PLUS hopefully i'll be working or something in the fall. plus, who knows, maybe the thing with the blond will pan out, which will make 5 (but i'm no longer being optimistic, i have sh*t luck with girls. i always have. i'm just going to resign myself to pseudo bi, kinda like some of my friends are pseudo streight). i but i told them i would love to get to know them as a friend, but i wanted to disclaimer up front not to expect anything else.

what am i, all of a sudden a shiny new toy? not that i'm complaining. but be warned, if you've been harboring a crush for me forever, and was thinking about acting upon it, um, you suck 'cause your too late.

don't we just all love reading kris's livejournal entrys when she's happy? so much more better than when she's mad, and so much less big pissed off font like in this post and surrounding drama.

ok, steve and i should order chinese and finally watch the animatrix, before i pounce him and we just never end up watching it.... :-)
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