August 7th, 2003


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right now all i'm going to say is everyoneshould keep next friday (not tomorrow, the 15th) free past 8pm. more details to follow as they become more clear (and as i check with my ladlord, 'cause i like living here, i like him, and i want to stay here forever and ever)

and yes, i mean everyone.
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Thursday, August 7 Raise the Red Lantern at 7:15
(1991) dir Zhang Yimou w/Gong Li, Ma Jingwu, He Caifei
In 1920s China, Songlian (the incomparable Gong Li, appearing in six of the series' seven films) is forced after her father's death to become the fourth wife of Master Chen, a wealthy magnate. Each kept in a separate house on the master's compound, the wives plot against one another as they vie for their husband's attention. Perhaps the best example of the exquisite cinematography and meticulous storytelling for which director Zhang Yimou is known.
"a Chinese film of voluptuous physical beauty and angry passions" - Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times


this is one of my favorite movies. james thinks i'm sick, 'cause it's also one of larissa's favorite movies... oh, if i had her number or e-mail i would let her know, 'cause she would love to know!!! i'm going to talk alan into seeing it tonight!!! *bounce bounce bounce*

thank you paper_crystals for bringing this to my attention!!!!

oh my god, the cinemotography in this movie....

*bounce bounce bounce*
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