August 8th, 2003


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god i felt like i just got stabbed in the back

and i was having a perfectly splendid day too.

and i really need someone to curl up with me tonight....

and i really really really miss james now.

other things...

ADAM, call me!!! contact info is in my memories section.

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hey guys, thanks for the hugs and stuff. i actually fell asleep last night, actually talking to gwen about real stuff helped.

it wasn't just the one thing that made me upset last night, well, it was, but that one thing opened up a whole big-ass floodgate of issues, like how i've mostly never felt like i really belonged anywhere. that's part of the reason i choose hanging out with katie over going to crumps party last weekend. i never felt like i really belonged there, it was always ok for me to go to them 'cause i was alan's girlfriend (i know, silly) but, i dunno. yea, i'm silly.

and i'm kinda sad that i can't go to janet's party, but i'm hosting a B-Day party for a friend, and that promises to be fun with a different group of kids.

I'm still not sure about my party. I think that would be fun, but i had told siren i would go to something with her that night (i knew there was a reaosn that friday wouldn't work) but i kinda really want to have a party this summer, for lots of differnt people (show krissy that you love her!) and i DID get it OKed by my landlord... :-) so i think i am going to. party details will be posted later today. RSVP's to that comment, would be nice. also, directions and contact info can be found in my memories section (the post is veiwable to friends only) but my e-mail address is on my info page if you can't view that, or need to get ahold of me otherwise.

um.... yea.

don't want to be sad anymore. lunch with steve will help. date with brian tonight will really help.

oh, and i talked with cos last night about the shiney new toy thing. it's not so much that i'm shiny and new, it's more that i SHINED and cought alot of people's eyes. i think i can live with that. ;-)
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OK, officially party information

Friday, August 15th. 8pm till approximately 1am at my apartment. People are welcome to crash, but must be out by 1pm the next day. my apartment is accessable from public transit, and there is also plenty of street parking (maybe not on my block, but definately right in the area.)

other things:

i am provideing a two cases of soda (and when i say cases, i mean cases), a case of girly drinks, half a case of beer, (not that many people i know like beer) and they'll be juice and also some hard alcohol around. and of course, some wine.

i'll also be provideing corn chips and salsa, but like, more nacho-y. there will be lettus and cheese and other taco like fixings, just with chips.

i'd love it if other people could bring snack food. either cheese and crackers, fruits, chips, cookies, etc.

so please RSVP, and RSVP with what you will be bringing.

contact info and directions are in my memories section. if you aren't listed as a friend and therefore can't see it, don't think it means you aren't invited, just e-mail me and i'll give you directions that way, i just don't need my cell and adress posted publically on the internet, or detailed descriptions how to get here via public transit. i'm pritty public with my life, yes, but i'm not stupid.

any questions? feel free to ask.

i really would love to have a bunch of you here. all are welcome. no one is banned from this party, but i will warn with this disclaimer, if i see any psychodrama, i have no hesistations about kicking you out.



if you want to bring someone/someones i don't know, ask me first, it will probably be ok. i'd like to stear clear of under 18-ers that i don't know being there, just for liability sake.
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F*ck me. when did i turn into such a girl?

i shaved my legs in the shower today.

I just spent 10 minutes trying to decided what i wanted this outfit to "say" about me, and ruling out clothing 'cause he had already seen me it in, and deciding i should wear jeans, so he doesn't think that i only wear black and *blah blah blah*

i need to do laundry.

and clean up my room

not to mention the apartment. (the apartment isn't all that bad, the room is. the bathroom... to think, dave just (supposedly) cleaned it)

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