August 18th, 2003


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james and i are staying at the Crabtree Cottage Bed and Breakfast in Lee tomorrow and wednesday. it was the only B&B that came up on the yellow pages that had a website. it showed availibility. they had some. that made me happy. should i have shopped around more? possibly, if i wasn't booking it FOR TOMORROW. but i like to see what i'm getting before hand, and i thought it was worth the $300 i'm going to be spending (for both nites) remind me that if i ever open up a B&B that i need a website for it, i'll get more buisness that way. like i'm ever going to open a B&B. ok, if any of YOU ever open up a B&B (yes, i can see a few of you doing it, ANNIE) make sure to have a website.

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i also like that i sound like 30 when i'm on the phone. i don't think she knew what she was agreeing too... ;-)
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