August 24th, 2003


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my cell phone is totally not connecting, and it says there is a full signal. dude, what gives. anyone who reads this, try and call me!

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i'm driving to virginia. hense why i am not online. current travel plan.

drive to virginia today (sunday)
get car fixed (again) and inspected on monday
be in virginia tuesday
drive to pittsburg (for my mothers side of the family) wednesday
be in pittsburg thursday
drive back to mass friday
i might go to ooze (manray 19+ nite) on friday, we'll see. i'm just crazy enough it just might work

later kiddies. i'll be online once i reach the rents house.

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MUST REMIND MYSELF THAT THIS IS ALL (well, mostly) THE FAULT OF ARIES (the planet, not the god.)

hell, i might even mean mars.
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