August 28th, 2003


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Kris's New Car Rules

1- you do not bring ANY sort of food into my car without permission first.

2- do not bring ANY sort of beverage into my car without permission firts. (except water. water doesn't attract fire ants)

3- If you spill anything you must clean it ALL the way up, and if you can't do that, you can pay for it to get professionally cleaned

4- you may NOT leave any sort of trash in my car. ever.

5- please, if you are smoking, make sure to ash, and throw your cigarette butts outside of the car, otherwise, Kris has NO problem making her car a non-smoking car, as she doesn't smoke anymore.

6- violation of any of these rules is punishable by denial of servive at any time, including mid-transit along major interstates, and especially, for comedic value, at IHOP.

7- these rules (and possibly others) shall be posted somewhere in my car starting in september.
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i get home (parent's home) with just enough time to check my e-mail (and not much of my friends page) and off into the internet-less abyss i go again. we're going to get dinner, then dad and i start driving up, spend the night with his sister outside of philly, and then get up early to go towards boston again. hopefully it means we get to boston before rush hour, in which case i WILL go to manray tomorrow. i think. i dunno.

gah. too rushed too rushed. and then tuesday i need to start looking for a job (and maybe look into schooling options for the spring, maybe by then i'll be ready.)

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