August 31st, 2003


logistics. oh how i love thee

ok, i know there are a bunch of you i need to see, want to see, want to see me, etc. here's the deal. steve and gwen are both leaving next weekend. anyone who's paid ANY attention this summer, knows that they have both been very important to me the past few months (gwen didn't matter before now. really. yep. hated her when i lived with her. that's it) so i'm keeping the week kinda open for them. for even the chance to see them. (if either of them cares to schedule that time NOW, that would be just jim-dandy. oh, and gwen, didn't even see that you called last night until 2, need to turn my ringer back up....) so anyone i had formerly said i wanted to see this week, and have delayed scheduling with, it's not 'cause i don't love you, it's 'cause i love gwen and steve more gwen and steve are leaving soon. to far far away places (rochester and the windy city) also the one person i NEED to fit in this week, besides gwen and steve, is katie chew, as i haven't seen her since june 'cause she was partying hard in london all summer at her pwc internship (see, i pay attention, bitches) everyone else might just have to wait until next week, or, with the number of people i want/need to see, the week after. also, i am doing the whole job market thing these next few weeks (hopefully only that long... but you know... bush and his god-awful economy, but i have faith in my natural powers of nchantment) so if i make plans with you (for those of you who have daytimes free) and than have to cancel for an interview or something, DEAL WITH IT.

god, the sunday bus schedule sucks. maybe i'll drive into the square. on a very nice holiday sunday. and attempt to park. hmmmm.... maybe not. but i don't want to wait around in the square for 20 minutes. *sighs*
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