September 4th, 2003


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ok, there are a few people on my friends list who need to learn about discression and tact. and I’m not talking about people who post explicitly about their sex life often, no I’m use to that. if i don't want to read it, i skim over it. but it's me, i usually do. and it's not people who bitch and moan about stuff, come on, it's your live journal, your entitled. we all do it. and no one is forcing me to read it. ok, I’m not actually ticked about any posts anyone has made, it's about how some people may be commenting to posts (not to any of my posts, this is all just stuff I’m witnessing) in such a tactless manner that.... grrrr.... just learn how to use discression and tact. i was going to post some replies back, but decided that the posts these comments were made on were not the sort one wants to start a firefight on, but boy, I’m in a firey mood, and lord do i want to start a fire. see, that's called discression. and kiddies, most of us know that Sagittarius’s are not the most tactful people in the world. we are known to be rather blunt. so if a sag is telling you to be tactful, my god, you better best listen.

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i normally don't repost syndicated feeds but....

yea. take THAT self-rightious vegans (those of you who aren't self rightious can probably laugh at yourselves, and will appreciate it.)
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ok, i have (at least, i can get more) one extra ticket for localpalooza, 'cause my friend aj's band is playing, and so is lacuna coil.... so yea, i can get ticks for 37 a piece, like non ticket master prices. it's on sunday sept 28th, who wants to go with me?

and if i actually made plans for then withanyone else NOW would be the time to tell me.


oh other people playing are stained, and well, i dunno, check the aaf website or something.