September 10th, 2003


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job fairs can bite me

if water_childe hadn't been there with me i would have gotten too intimidated and left without talking to anyone. i only talked to a few of the companies, but i did submit an app to newton-wellesly hospital, which would just be cool. not that bad of a commute, and working at a hospital would be helping people in some way, which is becoming increasingly important to me.

the more i think about it, the more i regret not going to massage school this fall. i think i'm going to look into it again for spring term. (yes, they are on a semester system) it just seems like a better and better idea the longer i think about it.


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hey y'all... i need sleep.

so i am going to bed early.

i know, crazyness

had a very good and full day. had yet another wonderful date with brian. i wish i got to spend more time with him.
and with that in mind i've decided i need to re-preoratize my life again.

god i'm falling asleep....
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