September 21st, 2003


my week, or rather, 10 days.

thursday i hung out with brian, and then got to see james. i spent ALL day friday with james, woke up with him this morning. this afternoon i spent by myself so i could de-frag my brain for a bit. picked up steve around 9 or 10, and he's spending the night. tomorrow hang out with him and tashari and peet (i think) and then delerium, for which james will be meeting us there. then home with james, job interview at 2 on monday, monday night with darxus, tuesday and wednesday nights, and most of thursday day, with james. friday i pick up mink in worcester at 4:30, we go to rochester for the weekend, and get back late sunday or monday sometime, i don't think we've planned this yet.

scheduled life??? nahhh... not at alll....
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