September 27th, 2003


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for anyone who doesn't know, i'm in rochester this weekend. the wireless in steve's house hates me (or my computer) so i'm currently teatherd.... *growls* but i'm actually REALLY glad i came (to anyone i bitched to about driving and taking time out of my bussy life to do this, ignore it. totally worth it already... *grin*) and ms. mink is a GREAT person to go on a little road trip with :-) plus, unlike many of my other friends, she can DRIVE and is WILLING to tackle my car. which she handled mostly well, it is something to get use to, drives completely differently, and well, yea... has been acting up on top of that. well, the breaks works, (good as new, oh wait they ARE new) the accelerator works, and the stearing works, so you know, it's not all that bad. :-P

um, yea, it's 1240, i shoudl go do stuff... like... gah.... :-P
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just as i posted it on craigslist, feel free to pass it on. would be really helpful if person is pagan friendly, MUST be poly friendly, but y'all knew that....

$650 1 Bedroom available in Spacious Light-Filled Apartment (East Watertown)

Spacious 2 and 1/2 bedroom being rented as a 2 bedroom just ten minutes from Harvard Square, right on the 71 Bus! Great location, right by shops, restaurants, and the "Town Diner". My roommate has recently been laid off and has decided to move back to New York. Full Kitchen, Dining Room, Living room. Utilities not included, would share in the cable(internet +TV), electric, and heating/gas bills. Apartment is 2nd floor of a 3 story house, has a balcony for smokers, and the common areas are furnished. There is off-street overnight parking during the winter parking ban. The room for rent is the larger of the bedrooms.
I am a 21 year old female looking for a responsible roommate preferably somewhere in their 20’s (either male or female, though I tend to get along better with men.) You must be relatively clean (i myself am not a neat freak; I abhor grime but am ok with clutter) and responsible for stuff like doing your own dishes, and sharing in household chores. I must find a roommate by November 1st, but the apartment can be available earlier if you need it to be.