November 4th, 2003



- shana is here. yea shana.

- it looks like ari can't move in, so i'm back to square one of not having a roommate

- i spent 4 days in a row with james, and they were wonderful. yea james.

- i spent all sunday with darxus. yea darxus.

- did i mention i still need a roommate? did i mention my current roommate has stated they can't pay december rent? yea. suck.

- steve will be back in boston in two weeks. :-)

- still am jobless. still not nearly as concerned over this as i should be

- i spent 200 less in october than i had in any previouse month. good to know that if i am ever really forced to, i still know how to budget

- i think i'm going to NYC for next weekend/early next week. those plans are still in the works.
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i woke up this morning and had four e-mails relating to possible roommates, three from adds on craigslist, and nazier sent me something 'cause she knows someone who might be interested. :-)

yea optomism (xxv is rubbing off on me)
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me and my dad.

i just had to yell at my dad, online, to not use "u" instead of "you" and "2" instead of "to"


[11:58:AM] pwsnyder: You do not capitalize "i"? A shrink could finance an Atlantis vacation on on that one letter alone!
[11:58:AM] Nchanter X: i don't capitolize at all
[11:58:AM] Nchanter X: except for EMPHESIS
[11:59:AM] pwsnyder: Isn't Memphis?
[11:59:AM] Nchanter X: *glare*
[11:59:AM] Nchanter X: you think your SO funny...
[12:00:PM] pwsnyder: YES

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i'm planning what i'm doing for them now. i think it's been decided that i'm staying here for thanksgiving and participating in festivites with james's family (this also means i'll probably beable to see people like ithych while home for the short break) but i'm already thinking to christmass. and i know i'll end up in PA for part of it (but will i make it to VA at all, i don't know if there is really any reason to bother) but that is just bringing me to my seasonal depression. that's when it usually starts (no, i'm not depressed yet. it gets much worse) the holidays are just getting more painful, seeing extended family is just getting more sad, and i just feel that much more removed from everyone/everything.

i dunno. bah.

i'm such a bad host....
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the gray today was pritty, but it was making me depressed. as soon as it got DARK out, i felt better. or rather better enough to make myself a coup of soup to try and make my throat/ears feel better. *goddess* do i love the night....
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