November 5th, 2003


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i sent out 4 resume's today. i got two calls within two hours. one for an interview tomorrow. the other for, basically, a "lets see how well you work in the office, oh, we'll pay you for this as it's really the bigging of your training" on wednesday. as for the latter, i always thought an interveiw was in order, but the job entails alot of online stuff, and apparently my e-mail cover-letter made a REALLY good impression. (i addressed alot of what they wanted to know, go figure) go me. both of these phone calls went on when i was at the laundry mat with shana. when i got home there was a letter under the door from watertown savings saying they didn't have a job for me at this point, but that he (eric, one of the VP's) really enjoyed meeting me (yea. sure mr. form-letter) but i really didn't care 'cause i have 1 interview tomorrow and a *something* wednesday.

now i just need to find a roommate.

i think i'm *glowing*

i did three loads of laundry today. (1 consisted mostly of underwear and socks (with some small tank tops), the other was entirely jeans/pants)

on a down side my toilet is clogged. i have to pee. i was waiting for the water level to go down enough (can we say overflowed? yes we can!) so i can plunge without splashing and *hope* that it will unclog it enough to flush again. liquid drano will be used tonight, regardless of my plunging sucess.

but yea. two job interview things in 2 hours,

note, for about 1.5 months i was sending out that many resume's a day with about 2 responses TOTAL. this is, weird, but GOOD. :-) wheeee.......

ok, i go plunge now.

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