November 13th, 2003


lets see if this posting via e-mail thing works...

so i'm posting via e-mail while at work (2nd day, i'm not dead.... yet) i decided to figuer out this feature 'cause typing out an e-mail while there is a lul is less sketchy than pulling up the LJ site. not that i won't do that ever, but, it's better for professionability's sake that i don't. or something.

ok, end of test. i'll make a real entry, via e-mail, later, about how life is going.


Just because eternity exists doesn't mean that it grants you the gift of being around for all of it.


so it's not a very challanging job, but i don't think i'll be constantly bored out of my mind like i was at the construction site (toy store on moody st in waltham for those of you out of the KNOW) the end of the week is slower, afternoons are slower, but i like having 4 lines ringing at once, haveing to juggle calls and such. not that i've had to do too much of that yet as laura, the person who i'm replacing, is here through friday training me. she's nice, it's a shame she's leaving. most of the people in the office are older (read, married with kids, not quite my parents age but about there) except for jeff (who's not in this week, his 21st was tuesday and he took days off to recover from the hangover) and rachel, who is also a recovering theatre person (and also has long hair *smile*) i have access to the internet when things are slow, but not in IM form. not that i mind. i need to be less of an IM whore than i am already. my cell isn't on, so e-mail is the best way to get
ahold of me during the day. i'm going to give a few special people (like opeth, darxus, minkr0se, and xxv) my work number in-case of panic/emergency, but, you know, i'll be at work so if you need something just e-mail me and leave a number if you want/need me to call you back in a lul. or just leave a vm on my cell i'll call you back after work.

dude, i have a JOB. this is so COOL!

so (most) of my co-workers are nice, the boss/president is GREAT, she's really sweet and nice and stuff. friday is casual day (read:wear jeans to work) which is spiffy. no, i won't be wearing my studded cords or bondage pants, but even just getting to wear jeans is nice.

when i was a kid, i rember dad comeing home from work and changing his clothes. and i never really got it. now i do. AND work-related clothes WILL be put in the dresser and not strewn about the floor. or i'll try anyways.

i feel like an adult. this is nifty. *bounce bounce bounce*

other things.... schedule for this week. tonight is D&D with james and laidly and persons (brownie points for anyone who gets the pun) tomorrow after work (or after rush hour, i'll stop by my house first) i'm going out to worcester to see MINK. saturday i'll be out there, come back sometime saturday evening. spend saturday evening doing stuff around the house (by myself) and MAYBE go to coureton's last show of rocky. if anyone wants to give me other motivating forces to go (like wants to come with me) let me know. and yes, i know i've sworn off rocky but it's coureton's last show... sunday is time with darxus, monday is dinner with darxus and james. and wednesday james and i are going to manray. and i'm going to stop there. i have stuff scheduled past then (like thanksgiving week) but i don't really care to bring attention to any of it. except for december 1st. i'll be 21. birthday list forthcoming (for those who want to... no one should feel obligated, but, you know,
presents are ALWAYS welcome, even in july. however, i don't do this combined birthday/christmass present sh*t. unless it's something BIG that you wouldn't get me for just one or the other. like a car. anyone wants to buy me a new car, i'll let you do it as a combined present.) also, any plans for any ways i plan to celebrate is forthcoming. (though i'm 90% sure i'll be going to manray the following friday, just 'cause i CAN. if you want to pay for me, i won't object. if you want to buy me drinks, find someone else to drive me and my car home and i REALLY won't object.)

ok, i'm done for now. (not that the phones are ringing....)


my desk (at work)

so... i am encouraged to bring in things to make my desk
more my own at work, like a plant (ha!) or pictures. now i
don't want to leave anyone out, like just have a picture of
opeth and i on my desktop. there is a really
cool picture of darxus, water_child and
i up on darxus's website. i really want that on
my desk at work. and, of course, a picture of opeth. and then probably one of xxv and
minkrose (either togeather or seperate...
doesn't really matter). but then if people ask me who
these people are, how do i explain, well, this is boyfriend
a- then this is boyfriend b and his other girlfriend, and
then this is boyfriend c and HIS other girlfriend. i
mean... i guess i could just give names, (this is steve
and mink) and all of these are close friends of mine. i
dunno.... hmmm i'm going to x-post this in polyamory and see what other people do...