November 21st, 2003


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so i'm certifiably sick. i'm also certifiably not pregnant (my dr ran a pregnancy test, 'cause i had forgotten my BC this month, partially just to rule it out, partially to proscribe me a certain antibiotic with a clear concience) i got a note for work (should i be concerned that my boss has not returned my calls? and that they mailed me my check from last week?) a script for a perscription, and an appointment for "girly stuff" on the 10th. i'm showing the apartment in a few minutes, even though i'm feeling like shit and it's not in top shape 'cause i've been feeling like shit all week. then steve should be here. hell, he'll probably show up while i'm showing the place. than i need to talk to koko (my land lord) but yea, i'm certifiably sick. it's my understanding that it would be illegal for work to fire me.

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