December 3rd, 2003


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thanks to opeth i have a new e-mail address... (he bought me the domain for my birthday, and paid for webmail service)

learn it
live it
love it

and maybe, just maybe, i'll get up off my ass and make a page for, hosted off of melinda (opeth's computer, which is on my connection)



oh! and the final count of christmass lights is 1800 for a 7 foot tree. pictures hopefully forthcoming. i still need to finish ornamenting and put the star on.
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fucking cocksucker took my fucking oregano and basil when he moved out

fucking fuck fuck bitch

you can't EAT pasta without basil or oregano.

he didn't just take one, he took BOTH

YES it's been that long since i've cooked pasta. i've been a slacker.

fucking fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
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