December 8th, 2003


My Snowy Weekend

first, my throat is sore, that's not good.

Saturday Morning i woke up next to opeth that is always happy. we both had plans in cambridge, so we treked out into the snowy city togeather. i'm REALLY glad i didn't have to wait for the bus by myself. he met up with rekling and i headed over to water_child's place where she and darxus were awaiting for me. the sun was setting as i was heading over so it got quite blustery and i swear my thighs froze. anyways, darxus took a picture of me right before i came in. i was cute covered in snow (if not a popcicle) and the three of us sat around and watched movies and eventually ordered nummy chineese food (they were EXCELLENT egg rolls) rosif3r came home, and the 4 of us hung out for a bit until darxus and i treked back to harvard square to catch the midnight bus back to watertown. impressively, opeth was waiting for the same bus (he was going to walk back to newton from watertown square, it's really not that bad of a walk, and makes more sense than takeing the T around to the D line and then walking from there, i think he's closer to watertown square than he is to newton center) so we rode with opeth back to my apartment. sunday was spent lying around, watching OZ, lots of good intimate discussions, and eating delivery food, as my kitchen is a mess and i just don't want to deal with it. that and i need to go to the store, i have food, but not much beyond the basics. ordering pizza and more chineese food seemed much easier. darxus fianlly saw the marvel that is my christmass tree, and talking to my parents last night, my father decided to one-up me on our living room family tree. 1700 lights on a 6.5 foot tree. WHITE lights. atleast i used color. mom says it is blinding.

oh, so being stupid and waiting to book my christmass plain ticket to pitt, it was going to cost me over $650 for a direct flight (one of them was priced at $1000!) so we checked direct flights to DC, and because i'm going to have to be gone longer flying into DCA than PIT, i'm leaving monday the 22nd and flying back sunday the 28th. but only for $220 (the regular price for this type of flight). so yea. yes, next year i'll NOT be a dumb-ass and will actually book my flight when i should...

wow there is lots of snow out there. i'm not trekking out today either. today i'm spending with ME.
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