December 10th, 2003


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i just fired off three resumes. go me.

my roommate situation might not suck as much monkey cock as i thought it was going to. not going to jinx it, i'm really not going to jinx it.

being kinda reclusive-y this week. and by that, i mean spending time with two people. sorry everyone else, you fail.

my christmass tree still makes me extreamly exstaticly happy.

no, james, don't correct my typo's. they are endearing. or soemthing.

i miss my miss mink. (say that 10 times fast)

toilet paper is now offically reffered to as "ass paper" (don't ask. I don't even want to know)

can we tell it's 2:30 am? can we tell that i'm HYPER? yea, that's what i thought

oh oh oh! can you hear it? THE FAT LADY IS SINGING. NIGHT KIDS

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sunday, december 21st, i'm making christmass cookies. and chocolate chip cookies. and other cookies yet to be deturmined. i am inviting people to come over and do such with me starting at, oh, let's say 1.

i fly to virginia the next day and i want to bring some with me, but i LOVE bakeing. it shall be an all-day thing. let me know if you wanna stop by.

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