December 17th, 2003


Apartment-Poly issues.

so the poly thing has been a deal breaker on people even comeing over to look at the apartment. i keep on going back and forth weather or not to talk up front about it. i'm really conflicted. someone is comeing friday (yes, i know that means i have to clean before friday, like, TODAY) to look at it and i didn't mention it up front. it's hard explaining polyamory to people who don't get it, or have never heard of it. i think i'm changeing my tact to "i have a number of frequent overnight guests" and get more into the specifics later. 'cause it IS my personal life, but granted, they will be living with me, and would have to be ok with it, 'cause if they are not that could be a BIG problem, and i'm not going to change my lifestyle just so i can make rent. well... i'm not at that point yet. technically i'm not the only one on this lease.

*gah* this whole thing is frustraiting. it's not that i'm not looking. i'm doing my best. koko is being pacient. my parents are being pacient. i'm at the end of my rope with this shit. *growls*
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