December 19th, 2003


stuff, like, logistics

i fly to virginia on monday the 22nd. i will be seeing chamberlain that night. we go to penn either tuesday or wednesday morning. we will trek back to metro washington either friday or saturday, most likely saturday, and i will fly back to the bay state on sunday the 28th. herbie, are you back at home on monday and tuesday? like can i attempt stopping by? or something?

THIS SUNDAYis reserved for makeing cookies please let me know if your stopping by to help. you can start showing up around 1. there will be both a batch of christmass decorating sugar cookies and then a batch of chocolate chip. and by a batch, i hope to end up with several dozens of each type. when i bake, i bake.

mink is here. that makes me happy. i have the privilage of kidnapping her for the night. this is 'cause i'm female, and her mom isn't paranoid about me getting her preganant or something. little does she know...

*bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce*

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