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i just hit skip 120 on my friends list and my brain started to fry. i can't go father back, i'm sorry to anyone who i missed anything important. if it's that important you can a-link the entry to me in a comment on this post b-actually tell me about it over 1-IM 2-The Phone 3- An E-mail or 4-In Real Life (that's such a novel idea)

thanksgiving was... interesting. the actual day/meal was good. the country club got a new chef. i ate so much dark meat... and three pieces of pumpkin pie. the day before, i ate no fewer than 30 grapeleaves. friday i ate "leftover" turky (my grandmother cooked a small bird so we could have leftovers, i don't get it) and lots of syrian rice, and saturday, before coming back, i had another 15 grapeleaves. she dethawed them that morning. i ate so much, i'm stil not hungry. and i played so much cards, and i need to teach people how to play whist (sp?) 'cause it rocks. didn't fight with my parents, part of my computer broke (grrr) and my sister was moody and within 10minutes of arriving at my grandparents house here and my mother were fighting. i like that i'm now the good daughter. even with purple hair.

party. the party went well. i sucessfully mixed groups of people. little sad a few specific people couldn't be there, but ah well. got drunk, but only drunk enough to be drunk and then sober up again so i could drive back home. ended up driving jen back to hollbrook. woke her up, she was passed out on the futon, and was like "come on honey, your staying at my apt, we're going home" "my parents want me to go home. where 's a phone. what time is it" "3am" "oh." "i'll drive you if they really want..." anna showed up. was good/bad... not getting into it. i love anna. but it wasn't my apartment. TOVA showed up, nick, got me a gir doll, and if i were really cool i would put in everyone's livejournal tags. hmmm... anyways, overall, it rocked. people got along, it didn't blow up, and the 3 boxes of pizza were actually, in fact eaten. good to see alan and gwen, even if just for a bit. katie and frommy were surprised, i think, that my friends actually got there when they said they would (unlike certain ex-boyfriends of mine) i don't know what else to say about the party. other than something that was a year and a half in the works happend, and it was nice, and i'm glad it did, and it wasn't that big a deal, and um, yea. yea for being cryptic. and snuggly.

i'm going to go grab dan and smoke.

happy birthday to me.



OH! looking forward to fire and ice tonight with james. jamesness makes me happy, oh so happy. ::grin::

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